Sunday, June 27, 2010

A new week starts with a baby shower

Today was a beautiful sunny day -some would even venture to call it hot-but not me. As much as I dislike Winter I am willing to go alone with anything else and not complain. There was a baby shower at my son and daughter-in-laws house for one of my granddaughter. It was really pretty because Tracy had decorated their carport with little blue things and food and drinks. The church loaned her the tables and chairs and they had two fans running. I got to meet the grooms family and they were all so sweet. They really brought wonderful gifts and I think she will be covered for quiet a while.I don't think anything got left out and she received 2 and 3 of some things and she told her Uncle that what ever she had copies of -she would give them to Meagan (my younger son's wife-due in Nov.) I think he appreciated that. He is the one who had the back surgery. He is kind of limping along taking baby steps and still  on his crutches. It still kills me to see him hurting.

 This looks funny because it is a picture of Ashley's belly and it was for a game where everybody got a piece of tape and you were suppose to cut it the length that it would take to go around her belly. LOL

This second picture is where they took the tape to Ashley's sister-in-law and she measured her belly because she said she remembered being that size 3 months past. But, it did not work for her -she guessed too big. I guessed to little , lol .

This is Ashley's sister and Aunt as they look on watching the process.  I think everybody had a great time and I believe that she has married into a very sweet family.

I hope all of you have had a very nice day . The temperature here today was 95 so it was nice with the breeze blowing. I had to think of my buddies who does not have warm temperatures today.:)

It seemed like she liked the things that I had made for her as she smiled when she opened them. They were the only handmade items that she received.I heard one lady say that handmade items were so special and that sometimes they turned into heirloom pieces. That was a really nice thought.I could have hugged her for that comment, but I was afraid I would scare her to death. :)

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  1. That looks like so much fun, I like the belly guessing game. Glad you all had fun.