Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Parrot -Do Your Own Thing

I had gone outdoors this morning to do all my chores and I was pulling grass for the guinea pigs when I heard a noise that sounded like a helicopter. I stopped and listened and it got quieter, so I went back to pulling grass from under an apple tree. I heard it again -3 times it did that and then it got quiet. I leaned down and pulled more grass and weeds and all of a sudden I heard A VERY LOUD noise - like a small bomb and then everything got deathly quiet. It scared me because I was afraid that it had crashed -what -ever It was????

But I was tired and took the grass to the piggies and not hearing anything I gave up on it. So, I still have NO idea what I was hearing. I came on in and took a bath and fixed my lunch and then Came in to sew. I had laid out a shirt front to embroider and picked out a design and I heard another noise so I went to the living room to peek out the door and this was what I saw:

Talk about timing being everything -I was lucky I had come on in because only 15 minutes ago -the sun was shining bright.!

So now I could sew in peace and not be disturbed for a while . The rain on the roof was a very soothing sound and I  pulled out a front shirt panel and went to embroidering a design on it that will be for my sister-in-law for Christmas. It is a sweet happy bird and it just makes you want to smile back it it.

After finishing the design I placed the front to the back panel -right sides together and sewed at the shoulders.

Next I moved on the the neck band. I folded it in half and sewed it together-then marked 4 even spaces on both the shirt neck and also on the band. Now it was time to line these marks all together .

Here is the band matched up to the body neck.This is where I zigzag the two pieces together before I serge them. If I do not do this the two parts of the band will slide on me and ruin it.

OF COURSE I had to mess up and sew the wrong sides of the pieces together - so it is Normal for me.:) I even pondered just sewing a top stitch to the white threads because I have been seeing clothes that are sewed inside out and it is the style??? But I changed my mind - it made me feel like I cheated because I knew I did not start out wanting it that way -although I do know that boo-boos have lead to new styles ??? :)
Next I serge around the hems in the bottom edge and the sleeves to make them appear cleaner and also to make it easier for me to sew by.

Success at last- I really do like this shirt -it is a 42-44 . Let me get a close-up on the design.

Now, isn't it just so sweet and makes you want to smile! I think the whole world needs more smiles.

You know there always has to be something quirky with me. I had finished the shirt and was downloading the pictures for my blog and my modem stopped working . It has  been doing that at least once a day here lately - so I went back into the kitchen to turn it off and turn it back on and was in the process of that when I heard another noise(what is it with me today -???)I turned around to look at the back door and it looked like a big moth hitting the glass door?? I looked closer and discovered it was a young bird and it was just banging its little body on the door and fall and back on the door and fall. It scared me to watch it fall because my kitty was somewhere and I did not want him to have bird for a snack in the dark . DH had screwed this door closed during the winter and I did not think I would be able to open it - but I got lucky he had taken the screws out.  I gave a big yank and the little bird fell back to earth and just as I reached for it - it took off one more time and came shooting in the house. I ran the cats into sewing room and grabbed a towel and went back to help DH as he was keeping an eye on the little fast flying jet with wings. We eventually headed it into a small room and with both of us corralling it finally DH managed to cover it with his towel. I took it and went back into the living room to take a look at our little visitor. It was so small and  brown with  a white band around its neck. That white was what made me think it was a moth at first. I looked the little one over good and it was not hurt , just scared. I sat and held it for a few minutes trying to figure out what to do with it??? Finally I decided to put it in a small birdcage  because it would be unable to fly in the dark . In the morning I plan to release it , if it is still ok. At least I will be able to sleep tonight and not worry about it. :)

See, I always have so many adventures? LOL
Good night to one and all!


  1. I am pleased you locked the cats in the sewing while you rescued the little bird. I am sure it will be pleased tobe set free in the morning.

  2. I hope the wee bird is ok.
    And what was that first noise anyway, did you ever figure it out?