Friday, June 25, 2010

Friday musings

Today was another beautiful day. It started early because DH had to take me to the hospital for bloodwork. I DO NOT like Needles ! But, I got REALLY lucky and the wonderful nurse that took my blood did it without even Hurting me! I could hardly tell she had did it- I think the bandage hurt more than the needle! Wow- that had to be a good sign. :) We made our way back home and DH took one of the grandsons with him fishing and I got to do some much needed cleaning. To the point that my back was killing me . I fixed me a cucumber and cream cheese sandwich and sat down to rest it.  Then I went back to work and finished up the cleaning so that let my mind rest so that I allowed myself to play.

I have another shirt in the works for another granddaughter for Christmas. This is the design I settled on and I am not one hundred percent happy with it, but you know how it is when you go feeling in the dark?????

Sometimes things just take life of their own.

So, I changed the colors some and maybe will use the pink thread to top-stitch the neck??? I was hoping to complete it but DH and grandson came home to clean their fish and this is what they caught.

Well, I better go clean up a fishy mess - happy stitches to one and all! :)

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