Friday, June 18, 2010

Sitting in a chair??????

I never knew that sitting in a chair for 5 hours could be SO painful! I had cut out a shirt and was searching for a "special " design  -one minute I just started and the next it was 5 hours later and my neck was KILLING me! To relieve the pain I intended to take a short walk and then I realized that my joints were all stiff and swollen and I needed one of those keys to wind me up to MOVE! :(

I decided I definitely needed that short walk to relieve the pain and make my joints realize I was still alive and they needed to "get with the program " and work. There is nothing like the beauty of Mother Nature to inspire me. I grabbed my camera and the first flower I met blooming was a new to me -daylilly that I had planted last year and I really love the color! Let's see what else I can find?

They call this a black hollyhock and this is the first time I have seen her bloom and show herself! I need to tie her up a little because the wind has been messing with her. That is the one problem with the tall and graceful flowers.

Awwwwwhhhh! Beautiful yellow rays of sunshine captured in a magnificent flower! It makes me feel better as I hobble around . I wish I could digitize designs. I don't know which would be my biggest challenge : The cost - or - the learning curve???This is one of the challenges of decorating the shirts - I like to capture the perfect essence of the person -or - just make them laugh and sometimes it is very difficult to find what I am looking for  and that takes up a lot of time.

I really do love these daylillies .I do not remember ever hearing of them when I was younger and I only met them within the past 10 years. I love the beautiful colors that they have and that they keep the colors coming to paint my day with dreams in colors!

This little jewel forgot to bloom last year and I am so surprised to see it this afternoon . Well, if it is not afraid to tackle challenges - I should follow in its "petals" (WELLLLLL - it does not  have footsteps that I can follow in ????? :)

I have got to go feed DH -his stomach is rumbling and he is "dieing of hunger" as he says!  LOL Neither one of us look like we have missed many meals . LOL


  1. Your flowers are beautiful and it does make you feel better to wonder around taking lovely photos

  2. What a pretty assortment of flowers! I hear you about those stiff joints also. LOL

  3. Your gorgeous flower photos loosened up your joints and cheered up my mind. Double delights!
    Thanks Linda

  4. Very pretty flowers.
    As for sitting in a chair for hours... TELL ME ABOUT IT!
    My butt kills me when I do that... totally KILLS ME!
    I blame the plastic surgeon! When he did my tummy tuck he took flesh from me AMPLE hips and transplanted it into me butt (I had NO butt after losing 61 kilos eh?)... and now me butt KILLS me if I sit on it too long.
    Pffffft.. you can keep your shapely butt J-Lo!
    Now instead of putting weight on me hips it goes straight to me butt. *sniff*