Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Tuesday has come and gone and we accomplished a lot.

Hello my little blog family!

I hope this finds you well and happy and enjoying our seasons!ESPECIALLY me enjoying our summer! Yea! I am pooped once again -because we worked till 12 o'clock tonight on the boat canopy! AND I am thrilled to say that we officially finished it! Whoopee! The man is waiting to receive it and I am dieing to know what he thinks of it. I told DH that was really Hard Work  working with something so big and all the pushing and pulling . Sometimes it took all four of us just to wrestle with it. SOO many zippers and they were 5 and 6 feet long.

My son and his wife really worked so hard to complete this job. I don't know how my son could stay up so late and still get up to put in a full day's work running machinery in this heat? He had some really great ideas and saved the day with his brain -since I overiously  don't have one anymore???

Tracy and I walked out to see her little garden and this year she has put a lot of hard work into it and it looks so pretty. She has many baby cucumbers . I told her that they would be really good on a cream cheese sandwich! Yum! Right now I have her hooked on cream cheese and green peppers for a sandwich.

Something is always going on at their house and with two of their kids now with a baby  in each family - a lot of babies and still one more to "hatch" in a couple of months . Then my younger son who had the back surgery is looking forward to their baby arriving in Nov.I have never seen so many babies arrive in one family at one time. There must have been something in their water??????????????????????????

We also made it to the mill to get feed for all of our critters and then came home and unloaded it  nice and early -before the major heat . DH's truck does not have air conditioning on it and when it gets over 80 degrees I get sick-so I was so grateful to get that job completed !

It is past my bedtime once again and DH is hoping to go fishing early in the morning and I hope to accomplish some of my dreams now! Yea!  I love you all - so take care and enjoy life.


  1. Congratulations on getting the canopy completed. I hope you took a photo and do a post on it Linda.
    There must be some of that water over here too as I am going to become a Great Oma in Nov.

  2. I have not had a new grandbaby in over 2 years... here's a secret... my eldest daughter is JUST pregnant with her 3rd baby! I am so, so happy... cos this one is going to be allowed to come and stay at Grandma's (that's ME)... lots!

    My youngest daughter had a wee girl over 2 years ago, they only live one hour away and we have NEVER been allowed to have her to stay.. which hurts like hell... and it's for no good reason. They are just OVER PROTECTIVE to the EXTREME.. it drives me nuts sometimes when I think about it.
    Fancy not trusting your own MOTHER with her grandchild! Grrrrrr.

    So, imagine how much I am looking forward to a new teeny, tiny grandbaby who I can spoil ROTTEN!

    Oh and I am so glad that bloody boat cover is finished. lol