Saturday, June 26, 2010

Ashley's Baby Things

Tomorrow is a baby shower for one of the granddaughters. I found out yesterday that she loves anything Winnie the Pooh, so we went back to The School House Fabrics that I love so much. Yea - I forgot my camera AGAIN! But, this is what I came back home with.

Number 1 project is a smaller lap pad . I thought she could use it to lay him on to change diapers or use it as a cover this winter. Then the second project from that piece of fleece is:

A larger size blanket that I used the fleece for the front and a piece of flannel for the back. Everything nice and soft and with this size it can be used in a baby bed -if she wants to.

This is a 30 x 30 lightweight blanket with two different flannel panels - yea- that is Winnie the Pooh!
This was the scrap that was left over from the blanket , so I decided to use it as a burp cloth.

This is a second piece of flannel with Winnie and I am backing it with a solid green flannel.
AAAaHHh - what is it about the essence of  a new baby???? They are so sweet and sooooo much work. Now I know why they are gifts to the young ladies who have more strength and energy. When I had our first one - I thought I would DIE from lack of sleep. How in the world can something so little and defenseless have sooo much energy and never need sleep??????????????????

Next comes bibs. I am not happy with them for some reason. I used velcro to close them and I just did not trust it. I ironed it on like it said-but it seemed like a weak attachment so I came along and sewed the edges .

So, here is my collection so far. I am pooped! I still have some fabric left, but I think I will use it for my second daughter-in-law who is expecting in November. There is going to be So many babies running around that it is hard for me to believe.At least they will be able to find somebody else to play with and get into trouble with. LOL


  1. Oh Linda you have been busy making beautiful things for yo new grand baby. I especially love the Green blankets.

  2. Wow you really went for it didn't you! Well done.
    I am going to start making baby things soon too!