Thursday, June 17, 2010

Have you ever Procrastinated?

Well, let me show you how to really get into Procrastination! LOL

I just could not believe what my eyes were telling me -so that is why I am taking different angles ! LOL

This is one of those times when you just turn around and take a gander - and then you do a "retake" -not believing what you see. That is a plastic tub with my embroidery threads in and it is not that big???

It doesn't seem to matter about which way you look at it -it is still so funny! I know this feeling. LOL

So, between Miss Rosie's melt-down and my wrapping presents today - it has still been a beautiful day. Now, I am doing some research trying to figure out some embroidery designs for the next batch. Sometimes I get lucky and sometimes I do not for days!

I did have one wonderful event-one of my girlfriends who has just lately became a widow stopped by for a few minutes! I was SO thrilled to see her! She is only 56 and her hubby was around that age also. Rheumatoid arthritis was what took him away -with pneumonia complications. He was such a wonderful person and I hate it so much. I have kept her in my prayers daily -- but did not call or stop by because I was afraid I would infringe on her grieving. I  had thought that her family would be there , but she said not. It certainly breaks my heart to see my friend so hurt.

Love to one and all and live like this is the last day.


  1. Very cute photos of your cat!
    How sad about your friend losing her husband so young... AND people do that all the time... they don't visit in a misguided belief they will 'intrude' on the grieving person... when in fact they are often alone... cos no one visits! I hope you can visit her often, cos she is bound to be lonely... grief is best shared.