Thursday, June 24, 2010

Mad Cat shirt

What a beautiful day. I have just came back from my doctor for a 6 months check up on my fibromyalgia meds. I always turn into a "fraidy cat" anytime that you mention the word doctor. DH has gone fishing and my sewing room and I are "ONE"! LOL Time for some fun -and see IF I can do better today than yesterday.

I am starting with a tee shirt for one of my granddaughters . I start with sewing the shoulders together and it seems to be going right (YEA!)

This time I will try VERY hard to remember NOT TO sew the neck band on the neck the wrong way - so I will not have to spend time ripping it out this time. Our sky was so beautiful and blue , but now the skies are turning gray and my computer weather is flashing a warning. That's ok because my head is flashing a warning too! LOL

Really cool - I managed to put on the neckband and it is on the Correct side and no "ripping" for me! Yea!
So , now I go back and topstitch around the band where it is sewed to the neck and I actually concentrate enough that I do not make any mistakes-Boy! Luck must be on my side today. I guess I will add the sleeves now .

After the sleeves are added on I run the serger across the hem area of the sleeve to make it easier to sew and then run a seam down the side of the shirt and it is almost done! All I have to do now is put the hem in the sleeve and the bottom of the shirt! I LOVE it when my brain co-operates and "a plan comes together"!!!!

OK, let me pull up a close up of the design. I love the kitty but still have not come up with a nifty quote? Got any ideas?? I am thinking of doing me one . This one is a medium and it will be for one of my granddaughters for Christmas.

I have to go for bloodwork in the morning so I better get ready for bed. Good night to All! :)

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