Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Monday & Tuesday Fence-work?

I am too tired to sew. lol Crystal and I started yesterday on a fence project.  This is the two posts that she bought me that I set today as it is my plan to build me a gate there for easy access to the pasture from the chicken house.

Daddy Turkey supervised my work on that area.

Then yesterday we dug the holes for her posts around her Tiny House . Today we tamped them in the ground and she started drilling holes in the posts where she intends to run some kind of wire through them? I am so curious to see it when she is finished.

But we both worked so very hard. She actually borrowed a post hole digger from a wonderful friend -she got the first few started and ran into big rocks under ground . Then the digger throwed her to the ground. ( chuckle-chuckle- )and she decided to let me help a little . It worked better as a Two Woman digger. lol  But it still whipped up on us as we were digging through rocks. Finally on that back side the earth was not so rocky and we made some good progress - until I turned my back on her and she was running it by herself AGAIN and it grabbed the cord on her hoodie and she had an abrupt face to face event! Her cord broke was the one thing that saved her. We do manage to get ourselves into so much trouble. LOl We were both so sore it was challenging to just move around. lol

She managed to hook to her Daddy's old truck and pull it backwards up the hill to take it out of her Tiny Yard so now I can see her coonhound , Dan. Yukon was fussing at me because of all the changes in his pasture. He does not know soon he will not be standing there -he will have to walk Around her Tiny House instead of trying to open the door and go in. lol She hopes this Summer to get Dan trained to an underground fence and move the kennel down to my yard for my pigeons. Everything takes time and patience and ENERGY. But you enjoy the process and be grateful that you are making good memories with someone you love.

Mocha is not too wild about her new sister and brother but she is coming out more to see what is going on. I wish she did not have heart trouble - like her Mama - it has really cheated her out of so many fun times to romp.

Daisy was suppose to be neutered today but they called me last night and said the vet had to cancel because her father was dieing and she had to leave so they rescheduled her with a whole new vet office for tomorrow. I will be so grateful when it is OVER! I know anything can go wrong and I am scared for her. Plus, I also wonder IF she has already been spayed and they will open her up for nothing?????? But I have paid to have her micro-chipped . You hear so man stories about pets getting lost or stolen - maybe this will help keep her safer. I had to  hand feed her this afternoon?? Then she stold a bean off of Crystal's plate. I told Crystal she is the first BEANHOUND I have ever met. Well, they do all love Crystal.

Indy was feeling bad last night . He would not play and barely ate and slept most of the time. He makes a funny noise when he breathes at times. I worry that those heart-worms are causing him problems? But , he is doing better today. They are both napping because I have had them outdoors all day long with me and Crystal.

If only this stupid  Fibro pain would just go AWAY! Life is too precious to have to fight with pain all the time.

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