Monday, February 13, 2017

New Furbaby named Daisy

  Yes, I went crazy again???? Lost my noodles. I saw an ad in our trading paper called craig's list about a pup at the local dog pound and if they did not find her a home she would be euthanized? I waited 3 days to give somebody a chance to do something. They were asking for fosters or rescues? But nobody responded except  me????

They said she was absolutely terrified and started to become aggressive. Some places just put them down because of that , it is very sad. I took her and put her in my jacket and asked to fill out an application.

It took a while to fill it out holding her but we got it done and they had to check it out . But they came back and said she needed to leave so they let me take her. By then I was smitten.

Of course my "crew" thinks the world has turned upside down ??? Mocha just plain HATES the idea of a new sister???? Mocha tiptoes around her like she is the plague and Bandit offered his friendship and then hid????

They do not realize they will have a new brother coming tomorrow afternoon that was in another kill shelter . Chihuahuas do not do good in that kind of environment. I do believe that after I get these all settled in they will probably be the last animals I adopt in my lifetime because they should take me into my 70's??? Life has just flown by and it has been my great job helping animals along the way and they in turn have saved me.

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