Sunday, February 26, 2017

A New Week- A New Hunter's Cap

Indy was still sick this morning but by lunch time he had eaten a wee bit of chicken and kept it down. Then Crystal and one of our beautiful young friends popped in and Torie did some good loving on Indy and made him feel even better.

You know, Love and Kindness really are the magic keys . Sweet Indy was soaking it all up.

After they left I headed to the Sewing room and pulled off another hunter's cap for Christmas. My pain level was eased a little bit today so I was almost finished by the time I wanted to cry. When you are out of pain it makes things so much more enjoyable..

Indy was feeling well enough to come ask for a treat.

Cocoa was peeking out from under the sewing desk.

And Daisy came to get a treat too. I am so relieved . I wish I knew what made Indy sick??? I don't have the slightest clue???? I do know that after I took them both for the evening walk that both of them came back frantically itching! I looked them head to toe for a flea, but could not find anything at all. We tried to go to bed, but it got worse so I finally got up and gave them both a bath and then we were able to go to sleep. Sweet Sleep!

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