Wednesday, February 15, 2017

New Ladies Cap

I have had a totally lovely day , even if I have almost blowed away??? LOL My first task was to repair my mailbox at the road. I found it broken last night and asked Crystal to take me to Lowes to get a board to fix it as I did not have one that was 12 inches wide????

Then this morning I went to sawing on it to make it fit as there was a little bit of difference in it and the inside of the mailbox. I TRIED to fix the flag on it, but it was rusted solid to where I could not tighten it at all. I tried every tool I could find and sprayed it with that stuff suppose to losen rust, but it did not work for me -so I gave up and took it to the road and put the  whole thing back together.
I carried the eggs back down to the road to, but so far - nobody wants any dollar eggs. Shoot they might have blowed away today as the wind has been so bad and I did set two containers out of the crate -hoping to show people from the road that there really were eggs in there????? I will find out at dark when I go back down. lol

While I was attempting to sew the cap I discovered this on my sewing table - I THOUGHT only Cats climbed??????? But with this new furbaby I am learning anything might be possible???

This is the other new family member. He is so sad - I am hoping to change him into a happy puppy soon as he has had a rough start in his young life.

We all 3 did have some fun today. After I did my chores I cut out 8 milk jugs for my winter seed sewing and got them all started. Then I allowed Daisy out of the house without a leash since we seem to be "attached at the hip" now. I put Indy on a long retractable leash and we went out and took all the jugs and placed in a wire cage to await Spring time. 

Then we went for a real walk. There is a trail I used to use to walk my other furbabies ,but when all of the bigger pups passed away - the chihuahuas in the house did not want anything to do with long walks. Well, technically it is not a long walk , but up a hill and back ?? But then I had nobody to go with me. So, since these two young ones seem to need to walk quiet a bit in order to potty so they don't have a accident in the house - but they are both Very Smart and it will not take long.

So, I got a lot accomplished - got the mailbox fixed, got the chores done, got the seeds planted and put out in the cage, got the walk taken , the wood carried in and the cap made. I call that a successful day! Now for a bite to eat. 

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