Tuesday, February 7, 2017

Worked my little buns off today

I couldn't sleep last night so I only ended up getting 4 hours sleep . I was so mad at my body and when I awakened at 8Am I just got on up and went out. I knew I had projects I wanted to accomplish so I fed all the critters and then started cleaning my runs. The little chickens are so funny when they get clean bedding - they just dive in it and lay down- make me think of us humans when we get a clean bed. I also replaced a board in the floor where the rat has started to chew in and replaced 3 boards on the wall  .

I did not have to put a new board in the floor in this run but did have to put up new boards. I carried all the litter down to the garden and discovered that the deer had been in the garden again and used it like her play ground. She had those little hoof digs all over the place. I put most of the litter in the raised beds except one that had quiet a bit of corn in it so I put it in the back on the ground for the birds to pick over. Up and down that hill many times. The weather was beautiful but the wind got up. I had built a table that I was thinking about putting at the road to sell a few extra eggs and the wind picked it up and throwed it! HUM?????

Since the deer wants to Party in my garden I carried down some Long pieces of bambo and tired them with wire at the top of the American fence?We will see what they think of that. I Have to outsmart them somehow. Then I loaded the car and carried down my firewood for the night.

OK so 5 hours later I finally drag in the house and get a shower with my back screaming at me ! I tell it to just get with the program - there are still things I hope to accomplish. This is my front window . I am so sorry it is so hard to see . I had the light on and everything but my house is just dark. But Crystal had given me a new set of curtains for Christmas and I wanted to get them up. She even got me the new hardware too. So, it took me another 4 hours to climb up and down the ladder and mount the hardware! It gave me a Fit - I like to never got the screws in the hardware???? Then I pulled everything out of the window and washed everything and the window. It really needed it as all that smoke from the fire and the stove had it coated.

This is the nighttime view as it was way past dark when I finally got everything put back together. My back was really screaming now and I laid down on the floor to straighten it out. I almost cried it hurt so bad. Then I like to never got up off the floor????? This "mature age" is a real pain in the butt sometimes!lol

I am hoping that the curtains pulled at night will help a wee bit with the windy draft from the window during the cold spells? We will see?

Now I have 4 loads of laundry to deal with and I also made a pot of red lentil soup in between things
But I am pleased I got a few things accomplished. Maybe I can sleep tonight?? ~smile~


  1. You work so hard.....the new curtains look great.

  2. You sound so much like me!! Thank you for visiting my blog. I'm so glad to be back.