Sunday, February 12, 2017

Start Of A new Week

It was such a beautiful, beautiful morning.  Crystal came down and we went outdoors and did a few things until around 3pm. She helped me move the egg table down to the highway on her truck and when I did I realized you could not even read the little sign I had made from the highway????? So, I will have to remedy that. Needless to say I did not sell any eggs??? But at 3 all that mist in the picture is a storm that tiptoed in. I saw the first sprinkle and took off and got the eggs before they got wet and then BOY did it come down.

Those little curly-Q's are water drowing my little front porch at the front door.  Crystal had put up a gutter two years ago but it leaks right in front of the door-more like it Funnels all the water into that one spot!

Crystal got to play with her new hound puppy in her Tiny House and I hung out some heavy laundry she had brought down because my dryer squeals loudly if you put something heavy in it and I am trying to baby-fie it to make it last longer. I had a couple loads of my own and I am just hoping that the laundry on the clothes line will survive the night as we are suppose to have gusts of wind up to 60 mph! I don't know where all this crazy wind comes from - it did not use to act like this when I was young.??? We will just have to see what the morning brings?

I did manage to sneak into the sewing room and do some cleaning and feed the birds and sneak in a little cap for a girl.! I was in a lot of pain by then as I had not taken any medication all day long. I have been experimenting with a tape I got about Healing Meditations by Andrew Weil . I have been having such good luck with it . It is hard for me to believe that something like that really can help ease pain????? I may not understand it , but I certainly do appreciate it.

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