Sunday, February 19, 2017

Beautiful First Day of A New Week

I got another ladies cap completed , this one with funny kitties all over it. These caps are reversible. I really do like this one.

It has been a very busy day. I tackled my chores and then sharpened the chainsaw. Crystal came down and jumped her wood truck for me and got it up on top of the hill where I had found a tree down I could use. It did not seem like it took long for the chain to get dull as the wood was very hard. But I guess it took a couple of hours and then I loaded what I had cut and piled the brush up out of the way-hoping that these odd and end brush piles can be used by the bunnies for protection.

The truck even started for me - I was so thrilled and went back down to our houses. Crystal had built herself the Cutest little steps and a little walk way at her front door as Yukon kept tearing her pavers up away from her door making it a hazard . It looks so nice after all of her hard work -we will see what Yukon does with it now.

I had to stop at the chicken building where the wood splitter is and bust a few blocks of wood that were a little took heavy for me to deal with for my stove. Crystal and I worked on putting a tarp over the top of the kennel where her coonhound stays while she is working. He and my small pups do not get along as he thinks they are "squeaky-toys".

I sat for a half hour and held my two on my lap in the pasture and laughed myself silly at her and her hound playing in the kennel as she attempted to strap the tarp in place. He tried to wool her wanting to play so she finally wooled him . She had found this place on her first hound , Joe where he was ticklish so she narrowed in on Dan now and found his. It was hilarious as she rolled him on his back and tickled him in his side . He feet were in the air trying to walk on air to get away . He was trying to pinch her in the back - I told her he is not a coonhound but a Snowville (where we live) Pincher! LOL

Then the truck would not start now so I had to get Crystal to roll it to start it and place it at the house and then she helped me unload it . I was SOOOO GRATEFUL as I was getting very tired. It was getting late .I let the pups out of their crates where I had put them for protection while I was running the chainsaw and moving vehicles and we went to gather the eggs. I fed Yukon for the night and went to the highway to pick up the eggs at the road and I had made two dollars today. That makes a total of 6 dollars for the week - half enough to pay for a bag of feed. I was thrilled to death- doing the happy dance.

I came to the house and fixed cornbread and jumped into the shower . Crystal arrived just in time to eat a bowl of bean soup with me. We got the biggest laugh at these furbabies. I had just put the pups chicken in the pressure cooker and the pups were hungry. Mocha is the Parlor Princess who I could not get off of my bed all last year except to potty. With these two new additions she came out and got in the chair where I had my beans . She looked at Crystal and barked softly a complaint that she was not being treated right. I told her it would be an hour before her chicken was ready. She turned around and looked at me and jumped over to where my bowl was in my hand and poked her little nose in my bowl of beans!!!!!!!! BEANS - she had Never eaten beans before. Just for the heck of it I lowered my bowl to see what she would do and she ate the whole bowl - just woofing it down while Crystal commented for her - AN HOUR FOR CHICKEN - I AM STARVING NOW! While both Crystal and I just rolled and laughed at my Parlor Princess eating Beans , which is a food beneath her!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!LOL   These furbabies make life so much fun and laughter is so good for the soul. LOL

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  1. Must get really cold for you to wear those warm hats you make...
    Sounds like a busy day and nice to share a meal with your DD and Mocha..
    Yep fur babies can make you laugh.