Friday, February 17, 2017

Cap & A Good Walk

It was such a Totally beautiful day. I made a bean soup and then all the chores and then me and the new furbabies went for an awesome walk.

We walked a little further today as it was just Too Beautiful not to! This is Indy's butt as he disappeared into a wood pile back in the back where it was cut out and piled up. He had a ball exploring.It was so nice to finally see him having some fun.

Miss Daisy seemed to have a good time too.She was the one on the leash today and Indy got to roam free . I try to keep one on the leash for now to keep them close to me.

Even Bandit came out for half of the walk. I was thrilled to see him get out and get some exercise.  We all had a perfect day!I am so grateful for such a lovely day and a chance to finally get to walk, I am also still using the meditation to help with the pain, but it is a little challenging to meditate when you have one furbaby on your lap and one begging to come up.  They even ate the bean soup with me - but probably because it has a lot of macaroni in it.! lol

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