Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Doctor, Daisy and New cap

I had to go to the doctor this morning to check out an osteo-adjustment treatment about my neck. The doctor explained how I was just getting in under the wire because she was not going to be taking anymore Fibromyalgia patients to do this on. Wow. She explained a LOT and then we have to check on my Medicare to see how much it will pay on it? Then she did an exam and then she sent me to the hospital for xrays on my neck and shoulders.

I headed for home to see my new furbaby. She is doing excellent on her potty training -only one mistake in a new place. I think that is great. So far she really wants to be a Lap dog. LOL I have never had one like that before. In a little while the little boy will be arriving so I am hoping it is like potty training twins - you get it all over in one time frame. ~smile

I did manage to sneak into the sewing room and pull off one more cap. A little girls's cap this time.

I think they are cute - but even if they are not - they are REALLY warm! I liked the little owls, but of course I love owls Period.

Well, Daisy sends her love and seems to be enjoying her new home. I always wish I could speak their language so they could tell me about their previous home??? It might make for a really good book.

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