Thursday, February 9, 2017

Brrrr- from 70 to 20& WINDY-so Cap Day

After the pretty weather we have had -this stuff is Miserable!!!!!!!!!! The wind feels like it blows right through you and I am feeding that stove almost every hour! Times like this just eats the wood up.

So, I did all the outdoor chores and gratefully came indoors. Boy, does heat feel SO GOOD!

So, I took my shower and headed to the sewing room . AHHHH - how wonderful. I realized this would be my first gal's cap and I wanted to put do-dads on it so I had to go to the computer and look up how the girl pulled that off. This is a link to her Youtube video :

I did not have enough fabric to make the ties and I had this piece of crochet chain I had made at one time as I was turning it into a chain scarf , but - for the first time in my life I spilled my tea all over my project. I had taken this chain and almost throwed it away, but just did not have the heart to after all that work so I soaked it in a little soap and it came right out. Then I cut off sections of it and inserted it. I think it is cute?

This is a husband and wife set . I am pretty pleased with this set. 😊

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  1. Nice to get in from the cold and sew... great cap set....