Saturday, February 18, 2017

Wonderful End to a wonderful day


Today was another totally beautiful day. The weather was perfect and I spent most of it in the company of my daughter, Crystal. This was the end of the day when she and one of her best friends and her hubby and I all went out to eat at a place called the Homeplace. It is well named because it is like going to Grandmother's house to eat. When you finally get in to eat they sit you at a little square table and then bring your table full and you eat like when mama was cooking. There was two meats and then all kinds of sides and biscuits and gravy and I got lemonade to drink. I love Crystal's girlfriend , named Sue as she has been in our lives since they were small. She has a fantastic husband who works like a slave in his own business. He mows in the Summer and pushes snow in the Winter and cuts down trees and well, there is not much he does not do. Plus, he is very calm and laid back and I really admire him. They make a lovely couple and I treasure them.

My furbabies and I had already gone for our morning walk when Crystal and her new furbaby Dan showed up wanting to know if I wanted to go for that walk I had been begging for for 4 years. LOL
I told her I had already been but gathered up my crew and off the merry band attempted to go ???? LOL

It was a riot as Dan does not know how to walk on a leash yet AND Indy did not like Dan so he was like an angry flea all over him and us trying to keep the two of them separated and poor little Daisy just wanting me to carry her and protect her from all this chaos?????

It might not have been a good walk- But - it was a good time had by all as we spent most of our time laughing and trying to just keep the peace.

Dan managed to break his leash and it was a good thing that Crystal had my very old horse lead around her waist because she had to fall back on it. I told her I used it to lead my horse 30 years ago now she was using it to lead her PONY! LOL

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