Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Poured it on all day long

I went out and did my chores and tried to figure out how my little banty hen placed her egg in the feed container???
I also cleaned out 4 of my runs and took the litter to the garden. That was when I remembered Crystal had said the deer had been in the garden so I took time to look and sure enough it was a mess and they had eaten all of my winter kale except a tiny 4 foot section that I had laid a glass over. They got in my raised beds and ate all the beets. GRRR. They inhaled the left over cabbages - didn't they think me and the chickens wanted those things?????

I am baby sitting 4 bunnies for a friend and one of them needed her bum cleaned off today so I did that and then placed her outside in a wire run for her to get some sunshine as it was such a beautiful day.

Of course all of the pups had to come check her out.  After I got all of the runs clean I hung out two loads of laundry and then moved on to fixing the gutter at the front door. At least I am HOPING it is fixed as it has been Pouring the water right down on the little front porch and making such a mess. I kept praying as I climbed the ladder that I would not break my neck. I cleaned out all the leaves and tree limbs and took a rag and cleaned it the best I could . Then I sprayed it good with some of that black stuff they swear will stop a leak???? Then I went and got the drill and a screw and drilled through the top of the gutter where the support was broken and drilled into the other part of it bringing it more upright. Then I sprayed that black stuff all inside and outside again -getting that stuff all over me - so I guess I will have to live with that till it wears off??? Uck!

Next I moved on to the truck load of wood that Crystal had brought in yesterday that a friend had sent . It was a mess as it was covered in little limbs all over the place so I cut them all off and then cut them into sizes I can use. I have another pile that needs to be busted , but I was running out of time so I left them and moved down to the garden where I cut down a nuisance bush and then set another post and put up a new section of bird-netting where the deer has been jumping in?? This is a heavier gauge than I had the first time so we will see how that works???? I need more to add at other places.

I carried all of my tools back up to the building and started gathering my laundry off the line when I got this bright idea to start two little piles of tree branches and debris and burn them. Then I went back to the laundry and separated mine from Crystal's and carried hers up to her Tiny House and took the pups for their evening stroll up the hill and back. I gathered all the eggs and carried them and the laundry down to the house and then packed 3 bags of trash into the car and took then down to the road.

Now it is dark and I got to see Crystal come in and say Hi for a few seconds and then jump in the shower and feed the pups and BOY AM I BUSHED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It is calling for rain tomorrow so I will get to find out if my gutter job did any good??? Keeping fingers crossed!!!!!!!!!!!

Indy is so smart -he learned how to use his treat ball right off the bat and he got all the treats. lol

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