Wednesday, March 1, 2017

What a Day

It started out with me taking Daisy to be neutered as the agreement with the Humane Society. She was very upset at taking the trip as I think she thought she was being taken back to the pound and she cried her distress the entire way. I am so attached that I actually cried to leave her.  Then I came home and did chores and was attempting to put some screws in my car door where my trim had come loose and was flapping in the wind. I had tried every glue known to mankind during the last year and none would hold it so I gave up and was putting two screws in it. It was giving me a fit and then this Gosh Awful Storm hit and like to blowed me into another county. I looked up at the big trees and they were laying down to the ground.

I trotted up to check on where Crystal was working on her fence and reminded her to watch the trees above her and then the rain came and I headed back down to the house - only to have the electricity go out as I entered!GRRRRR! Then it stayed out for the next 8 hours! I was so miffed because everything I wanted to do required electricity.

Finally it was time to load up and go get Daisy and Crystal showed up to drive me. I was tickled to death since it was still raining.

You can imagine my shock when they told me at the vets that she had been Pregnant!!!!!!!!!!!!! My mind was so distressed at the thought that maybe some big dog had got ahold of her and if they would have just throwed her away and she could not have the pups and would have died in labor????? I was beyond distressed.

I had paid extra to have her micro-chipped only to discover once I got home that I now had to pay Extra to register the chip with another company??? It would have been nice if someone would have told me that at the beginning so I would have known what to expect?

But now to just get her through this healing process and be happy.


  1. Hope your Daisy heals soon.

  2. What a day indeed, how is Daisy now...more importantly how are you? Big hugs