Monday, February 6, 2017

Busy Day

It seems I have been running around like a chicken with its head cut off??? Luckily my turkeys and chickens still have their heads attached. ~smile~

I had a counselor's appointment this morning and while I had to be in town I had a big bag of stuff to donate to The Salvation Army. They must really do something good to help people because the little parking lot was stuffed full of people so I was forced to park behind some cars and I hustled in as fast as I could to put the bag in the building. The entire room seemed to be full of people and they were all coming out with lots of goodies in their hands. It looked like food and clothing. I was so tickled that nobody was needing to get out of the cars I had blocked in so I had to wait for a couple of vehicles to figure out how to get out and then I was able to make a tight circle and go. I had read that Salvation Army's money has the largest percentage of any group that actually goes to help the people and not management so that is why I like to contribute to them.

I had my session and it always amazes me how talking about things in your horrible past can keep you out of some pain! I don't know how it works but it yacking keeps that MONSTEROUS pain in my abdomine away - I will sure keep yacking as long as my sweet counselor puts up with me.

I hustled home and a deer had jumped through a section of my fence at the garden so I worked getting that kinda put back together . It will need more serious attention after I get in serious garden mode.

I changed my clothes and headed up to holler at Crystal to see if she would want some spaghetti with me and caught her in the act of putting up the siding on her Tiny House. She did not even know I was there until Yukon gave me away. lol If you notice she has on shorts and short sleeves - it is THAT WARM here today and she said it is suppose to be that way tomorrow too! I will enjoy that because I will be working outdoors tomorrow.

Crystal had given me a set of curtains for Christmas and I really want to get them up in the living room. She even gave me the hardware to go with them. My window is absolutely filthy -both inside and out. I have wanted to clean the outside for a couple of years now but could not figure out how to get to it as half of it is over a level walkway and then the other half if over the steps ???

So today I took a leap of faith and piled the woodpile up high under the window and found a nice long board and stretched it from the top of the woodpile to the steps -thus I was able to get 3\4 of the window. It almost throwed me once but my angles were watching out for me and helped me keep my balance.

Well, it's almost bedtime and I still have a million things I would like to do ! Hope you are having a wonderful day where ever you are!

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  1. Oh boy you sure pick a tricky way to clean your window. Thankfully you didn't fall.