Sunday, February 5, 2017

Chimneys are a Pain

This was one of my projects I pulled off. I had to replace the screw in piece that goes into the faucet and then replace the other screw on part that goes into the water hose for the aquariums. I was good and miffed because I made that first trip to town and got the parts and managed to lose that bottom piece in the process.!GRRR! So , I had to make a second trip to town to go back and get the same part AGAIN and this time I put it in my purse until I got home! The aquariums were very grateful for the water they so desperately needed except for one that I am letting evaporate down as it was leaking and now it is not so I am going to get some silicon and try to see if I can just seal the top half without draining the entire aquarium. I really do not want to disturb my angle fish because this is the first time I have ever managed to have them live???

Today was a very beautiful day and my stove was acting ugly so I had tried sticking my rod UP the clean out port but could not hit anything?? So Crystal volunteered to climb up on the house and clean the chimney? I really hate to see her do that but I am so afraid to attempt it?

My pictures are so terrible because I Cannot see my phone screen once I am outdoors so I was really just shooting in the blind-but she did make it to the chimney in one piece.

She was dropping the brick down in the chimney and pulling it back up. I was watching the creosote fall down into the clean out port.

Then she screwed the wire cage back on top of the chimney and she did make it down off the house in one piece. Then I could heave a big sign of relief! As we were putting things away our sweet neighbor down the road pulled up on his little tractor with a load of wood for me and a load of wood for Crystal. Since he had his tractor he was able to pull the load all the way up to her Tiny House .

I did all my chores and came in the house and took a shower. Crystal went to working on putting siding on her Tiny House while I fixed us a pot of spaghetti. I had got sick yesterday and was kind of afraid to eat but for some reason my tummy behaved itself and I was so happy about that.

I Love this pretty weather we are having - I am so very grateful for it! Each day gets me closer to SPRING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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