Wednesday, February 1, 2017

How Does A Day Get Away From YOU????

Well, first you have a trouble maker ! At 9:30pm last night  I was at the computer and I heard a chicken screaming! I knew that meant trouble -Again. The night before this a opossum had got in a little chicken house and woke Crystal up because it was just a few feet from her Tiny House . The chickens were screaming and she went down and found the possum in the house and she shot at it and finally got it out of the house but now all the doors were open on the little house and the 3 little chickens took off in the excitement .

So , last night the 3 little hens decided to sleep in a bush near the house and that was when I heard one of them screaming. I grabbed a flashlight and took off and sure enough there was the possum up in the bush with a mouth full of feathers . The victim had taken off and was screaming in the background and two other little hens were still in the bush???

I was so miffed at this dumb critter so I ran around the building and found a cage and brought it back under the bush where he was still eyeballing the hens. I reached up and grabbed him by the tail and yanked him down into the cage. He was very shocked to find himself in such a predicament!

Then I captured the 2 hens left in the bush and they screamed their little heads off -thinking I was another possum! I carried them in the building and put them in a cage for the night.

I know this is the same critter who managed to get in this cage last week and I now need this cage for the two hens so I set to work trying to fix the damage he had managed to do. With those little hands they have they can climb like a monkey and get in the most unlikely places. I spent almost two hours working on it and then had the most unlikely accident when the floor gave way with me inside ! GR!

Then I had to spend another hour putting a floor in the cage with scrapes I could find!!!! Of course chickens are just like us - they need THINGS so I had to come up with a decent roost and a water pan and two feeders for their two different foods they like. Really I need another one for a supplement.

I was good and tired but I have had this bright idea that I should build a rustic table and take it down to the road and put a sign -Eggs for sale - 1.00/dozen? I plan to use the Honor System and see what happens??? It would really help with the feed bill???? I have asked Crystal to save me her big pop bottles and I can use them to put the eggs in?

I have got the basic table together now , I just need to make the sign and get my courage up to see if I can do this???? I would not be able to in the freezing weather , but on days above freezing I could do it? If I decide not to do it I can still use the table to plant my flowers on . lol We will see???????

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  1. I am so impressed! You are a real chicken hero!!!!