Friday, February 10, 2017

A Trio of Caps

The weather was so cold even my cat thought she should be under the covers in her chair.  lol

I was so tickled I got to work inside on some more of my caps. This is one of the adult  size caps and they are reversible.

This is the other child's size and I managed to actually get the dog pictures to show. I have discovered that when the fleece had large size patterns on it is is hard to make them fit in the tiny puzzle pieces you are working with. Plus, I changed out the band from the inside color and the inside band from the outside color. I really liked that one.

This was the other child's size that I managed to get out of half a yard of the fleece. I really liked this little dude.

These caps are all funny and I learn something new from each one that I tackle.

Crystal did finally make it home this morning at 2Am with her new black and tan coon hound who is 9 months old. He is really funny. You would not think a coonhound would have such a funny personality, but he really does. They both have a lot to learn in the next few

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