Thursday, February 2, 2017

Thurs. Already????

Where in the world is time running off to!  I thought it was Weds. and here it is Thurs. !

I had to make a trip to town so I went to Lowes and got the supplies to rewire my lamp. It hangs over my kitchen sink and had been giving me problems for quiet a while now. Doug and I had got it several years back on one of our back roads adventures at a little odds and ends shop in the middle of nowhere. I fell madly in love with it because it reminded me of the lamps that my grandparents had when I was little??? We both scraped every penny we had between the both of us and change in the car and it came home with us.

Over the last 3 months it had started blowing bulbs and coming off and on and smelling funny so I had unplugged it for safety's sake. I certainly did not want an electrical fire. So I tore it all apart and put new wire and a new lamp socket and new chains on it. Then true to my own style - I started putting it back together UPSIDE DOWN.

I didn't even notice it until I hung it up and tried to make sure I had it hanging straight?????????

Well, I finally got her put back together the right direction! LOL

I got a part I needed for the hose I use to add water to the aquariums- I sure hope I can pull that off because a new hose kit costs over a hundred dollars!

I stopped at JoAnn's and got a few more pieces of the fleece that was on sale for more Christmas caps??

Crystal had given me a gift card to Barn's and Noble so I stopped there and had a terrible fibro flare. The pain was horrible, it hurt to breath, it hurt to bend over or reach up so I finally gave up and with the exhaustion it causes I headed for home -only to be met by 7 car loads of policemen. I messaged Crystal at the Post Office and asked if she knew what was going on and she replied it was another Bank Robbery. I think this makes 3?????I am just so grateful to be home -safe and sound and warm.

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