Wednesday, February 8, 2017

Hump Day

Boy, after yesterday that fibromyalgia really wanted to whip my bones! But I worked on that knitting project some more and then headed to the sewing room. I managed to pull off these two little caps - one will be for a grandson and one for a great-grandson for next Christmas. I was very pleased that these two came together very nicely and I was actually satisfied with them. That always makes you feel good when something just works.

I headed into the kitchen and was doing the dishes when I had a LOVELY visit from my dear friend Joyce. Her car was in the garage and they gave her a loner . It was higher off the ground than her car and she was not afraid to drive through my creek to get to the house. She has not been feeling good and is looking forward to Spring! ME too. It was in the 60's here today and then tomorrow they are calling for 30's and snowshowers!

When I was in the sewing room I was dealing with so much pain it was hard to concentrate. I noticed a tape I had there beside the sewing machine about Meditations. Just out of the blue I put it on and listened to it. The first part was about controlling your breath. I have Never been good at that and it always makes me nervous? So I concentrated on what he was saying and then he went into the second meditation which was about our bodies and pain. ( I was thinking he was on the right page with me) We started out with the breathing and then he took you through a meditation of going into the kitchen to chop veggies ( I do a lot of that -so that part was easy) - then the knife slips and cuts your finger ( I could actually feel the cut and jumped in my chair, so I must have really been into it) he said to feel the pain and see the blood ( I could feel it sting like it always does )-then washing it off and putting a bandage on it. ( I always remember you had to work hard to get that finger dry enough that the bandage will stick) Then he talked about how our bodies have a healing system built in and we came wired with that ( I could agree with that) Shortly there after the meditation ended . As I got up to go do the dishes I happened to notice that I was not in as much pain????? Was this really possible ?????

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