Tuesday, January 31, 2017

You can see that "IMPALLED" kitty has certainly made a beautiful recovery and installed herself in the sewing room at times.

It was a busy , whirlwind day. It was very cold and horribly windy and I got out early and accomplished all the outdoor chores. Then Crystal came down and since it was her day off I had asked her to take me to town to get feed because she has a truck and in my little Tracker it would take me four trips to town to get it all in my car.

We still did not manage to get it all because that transmission that we had bought for her x-boyfriend is still on the back of her truck taking up half the bed. I man had contacted me to purchase it but I am beginning to think he has backed out as I have not heard from him in over a week. I was SO HOPING a miracle would happen and he could take it off my hands and give me the money to put back on my credit card as it makes it hard to make the payments????

When we got home then the hard work started to unload everything. I managed to get 3 bales of the hay unloaded while Crystal smoked a cigarette and then she got one.

Then we moved on to the Chicken feed  and got it all carried in. I was too tired to get it put in bins -I need more trash cans . They really do help protect the feed from mice during the month, but do not have the extra money to buy them.

Last up to the little shop where I store the donkey food and got it all unloaded. By then I was really bushed.

But I came in and headed to the sewing room and got one more little set of gifts completed before I called it quits.

I got another set of Father/Son caps completed for my Christmas stash. I was not happy with them as they did not want to go together rights and it took a little finagling . They are together, but I just do not feel right about them ????????????????????????????

Time to feed the stove!

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