Sunday, April 1, 2012

Pink camo kids outfit-Little Princess

Hello, Hello,
I do have something to show for my efforts today..It was another day that passed much to quickly. Since I did not fall in bed till 4AM. and then did not get up till 11AM it really made for a short day.

Still chores had to be done and I raked another small space and filled the wood stove with it . That was nice-then breakfast -err?-maybe brunch since it was so late. After that a load of laundry got hung out to dry in a brisk breeze.Somewhere along the way I made it to the sewing room and worked on this little size 4 outfit.

I managed to kill our supper- it was suppose to be a lentil stew-but I did not have the lentils and I substituted some green split peas & when it was suppose to be ready  those peas were still hard as rocks. So, DH made himself some baloney sandwiches & I had some canalope  , but it tasted like it had been frozen -so I had to give that up too. I finally had an orange and called it quits.

One more neat quote:
One gals grandmother 's favorite weather forecast was:It won't rain if there's enough blue sky to make a pair of pants. Luanne, Pennsylvania


  1. This is so cute!! I love it!! If you have a minute please go to my blog and read the prayer request that I mentioned the other day. Thank you for your prayers and know that that you and your husband have mine.

  2. That is a seller for sure Linda!!! Saturday I went to my girlfriend's 2 year old granddaughter's birthday party, and the little girl had on a cute but very simple little dress with shorts, and my friend said she had bought it off Etsy for her~ I know yours will sell too~~~! ♥♥♥ You should eat more than that! Your poor stew~ Hope you can have it tomorrow~