Thursday, April 26, 2012

I wish you could hear the racket here - a thunderstorm is somewhere around and it is really raising cain. This was he design I was working on last night when I had to quit from exhaustion so I would not ruin it. I put it on this blue lightweight cotton knit . This fabric does not stretch much at all and it has been Very interesting using a topper on these knit projects?

Of course the machine kept me on my toes attempting to figure out what it needed to make it happy????Then it has Rained and rained and rained today and all of last night and the way it is sounding it might just rain tonight.

 I like the way the shirt turned out  , it is a size XL. O, I found a way to get into trouble today - I Think it was me that set DH's cancer pills on fire????We had put all of his meds in a square ice cream bucket and set it on the stove to clean . Then I went to make chili beans, but DH came and told me he did not think he could eat beans today because he had an upset tummy. So, we both decided to have some noodle soup . We had carried our food into the living room and DH went back to the kitchen for some thing & went to whooping because the bucket was now melted with all of his meds in it & neither of us could remember which of us might have turned the wrong eye on???? But, If  we could roll that part of the movie back- I would almost bet it was me????  But, this memory thing is the pits normally - maybe it is just best I cannot remember??? I will have to call his doctor in the morning and see if there is any chance of getting him some more -but everybody is so suspicious of meds - they make you feel like a thief trying to steal medicine.  I really hate it.

I had six of those shorts sets -size 4- that did not sell on Ebay -so last night I put them in an Itsy store -just to try my luck somewhere else?
I am going to hop off of here because of the storm. I hope each has had a lovely day.
Hugs, Linda the sewing granny


  1. Oh Linda...that is terrible about the pills!!! Just take the melted pills to the pharacy and tell them what happened, and also call your doctor and is they they will confirm with the pharacy, that they will order your hubby new pills. How terrible!

    A good rain storm is nice sometimes. Especially if you really need the water! Hope you do okay through it.

    LOVE the embroidery and the shirt! ♥♥♥

  2. oh WOW Sorry to hear about the pills.. Crazy things happen to me too all the time. Love love love the kitty on your shirt
    Hope the cloth sell on your Etsy. Hugs

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