Thursday, April 12, 2012

O My?

Here is another day gone and I am pooped to the bone. We got up & took off  to Roanoke (hours drive) to pick up the Janome. It cost 80.00 for it  and when I asked what was the problem - they said it just needed a good cleaning?

I told her that it had just started making that threshing machine noise all of a sudden. She said they had another customer bring her machine in for the same thing and that she had told them that she had already had it cleaned once in the year and this would make it twice. They said that she quilted with her embroidery machine almost daily and that was why it still needed a cleaning.????
I am just dieing to get to see if everything works.

Then we stopped to change out an outdated propane tank for a full one to use with our fireplace-we saved it for a time when we would be in Roanoke -not to make a special trip. Here we were and they did not have one to sell??? It sure is hard to get things accomplished lately.

//DH could not bear to go back the same direction because they were blasting on the interstate and traffic was backed up for a 45mintue stall. So we took a side route in the mountain. Got home and grabbed my phone and went to town to pick up DH's medicines for this month. Then back out to where Lynne picks me up for the ride to the Sewing Guild.

Tonight's demonstration was about a beautiful lady who ran her own Home Decorations  from her home on the lake. She was very inspirational=but I was so tired I almost fell asleep as I was so tired.
That would have been So embarrassing !'

Love to all.



  2. Yes, getting rest is a good idea! I hope your Janome is well rested and feeling extra clean.