Tuesday, April 17, 2012

I Love You Beary Much!

I learned something today - matter of fact I learned two things today. The first is that bad fabric can ruin a project and good fabric can really Make a project even better.

I also learned just when I think I have got myself straightened out - I can make even more Boo-Boo's ! It is very disheartening  at times. I really do try hard to do a good job & you would think from the time I put into it -that my brain would co-operate and just let me do my own thing -RIGHT-But NOOOOOO - it still plays so many tricks on me -it is pathetic.

This little soft knit shorts project turned out nice so I am thinking about running it on Ebay and see what happens.

It was a lovely day here today but I ended up sewing all afternoon and then we had a light rain.
Cheerio Kids-catch you next time.


  1. How lovely an outfit Linda!!! You do such beautiful work! I know it will sell quickly! I hope you charged good for this one! People will pay...because it is worth more than you might know! Go for it~! ♥♥♥ Also, put it for sale on the SIDE BAR of your blog here!!!

  2. The little outfit looks so pretty and comfy....

  3. your little outfit is adorable .. Turned out lovely.
    I know its been awhile I have been out of sorts. trying to get back into things..

  4. The embroidery on that wee top is so DARLING!