Friday, April 27, 2012

Well Hello- hope you are well and happy. Today was my 'critter' day and day to go to the mill for critter foods .The drive was beautiful  & we caught a gas station with gas for 3.49 -now that was a DEAL-everywhere else was 3.69 -so every little penny helps.

I called DH's doctor this morning and told them about the burned up medicine and  Deloris called the company and they are kind enough to send more -due to arrive on Monday  and then we went to the drug store and picked up his other bottle of meds that he takes with the cancer medicine. They said that the insurance would not pay for it because it was ten days too early . I asked him to check and see what it would cost (expecting it to be hundreds) and he said it was ten dollars  - so we picked that up. Now DH is a little happier & that makes him feel better.

When we got home  I did all of the evening chores while DH checked the wood stove . I had to be sneaky because he attempts to do too much - but when I caught his head turned I managed to unload all of the feed by myself. I spilled more than usual  on the ground -because I was in such a hurry -but the chooks will help me clean that up in the morning.

For some reason after doing that I got really sick at my stomach. I have no idea what caused that but I have sweet talked it and sipped on a cold drink and it is finally behaving itself.  Silly stomach - just wants some attention I guess. LOL

This little monkey is my next child's shorts and tee shirt project for today. I think he is cute.

I am satisfied with the completed outfit- cute and easy care -sounds like a winner to me. LOL
I better pop off so I am sending you greetings for a happy day.


  1. Hi Linda...
    I am so glad you got your medications for hubby worked out! What a relief! And only $10! What a blessing! :)

    Your outfit is cute...and I always love your little embroideries~ Do they take a lot of thread? Where do you get your thread? Do you order it on line? I'm sure it takes a lot of different colors also.

    I don't like the sick stomach you got. Be careful!~ You have to be strong for your dear hubby! ♥♥♥

  2. So glad you go things straighten out with the meds.. Your lil monkey is adorable. My oldest daughter love monkeys(she is 42) lol
    Hugs Susan

  3. Such a cute little outfit made Linda. Is it for sale on your ebay? Glad your blokes meds have been replaced at a good price....pills cost so much here too. Our petrol is a lot dearer than yours, we pay $1.63 this week for diesel but thats for a litre, just over a pint!