Saturday, April 28, 2012

Today was a lovely day-it was pretty and warm and I hung my laundry out to dry in the fresh air to start with.
That made me a little late getting outdoors for morning chores. It had clouded up so I was hoping not to get caught in the rain.It did start to mist rain , but while I worked in the critter house it soon got that out of its system and the sunshine prevailed.

So, I went out and turned the chickens out and fed and watered everybody . I carried the 5 teenage girl chickens out to play in the run and they had a ball. They would take off running and the others thought that surely she must be running for a good reason so they would take off after her until another one would take off jumping up in the air and kicking her heels together and they would all chase her. It was so funny-and a smile is a good way to start the day.

I decided today would be a great day to put my wagon together . DH had opened the box and left it outdoors and it had rained in it. Then he had carried it in the building to dry off. It looked almost dry so I decided to try my luck ????? I plopped my big rump down in the middle of the floor and had all the parts around me . I studied the instruction manual and made sure all of the pieces were there. I liked the way they had put all of the parts for one section in plastic wrap so you knew which order and what went where. In about 30 minutes I had made good progress and got all of the basic foundation put together-then DH came looking ???He is one of those fellows who has to fix things for you - so I asked him IF I had the locknuts on correctly and that was all it took. OF course Men do things differently than gals normally do. I believe that men spend more time having "men-fits" and while they are doing that -women can quietly get things accomplished. LOL -But, that is just my Humble-opinion"! LOL

Eventually we did get it all together and out the door it went - I was learning how to Steer that booger and singing that old song , "Give Me Forty Acres And I'll Turn This Rig Around" - as I got it hung between the swing and the kennel. LOL  By then I was good and tired and DIRTY -so I headed to the shower. By then I was ready for a nap-but there is no rest for the wicked.

It was a late lunch time so I fixed us both - chili beans -his with burger in his and mine with tvp in mine. We both scarfed them down - so they must have had a passing grade. The bad thing about cooking and eating is that we always make a mess.That required about an hour to clean everything up while DH watched /snoozed in front of the tv. Eventually while he was snoozing I tip toed to the sewing room to play with a different tee shirt. This is one of what we have called a baseball tee shirt-the sleeves are put on different.y. I loved the grey cotton jersey knit and I loved the little design. For some reason the project went fine and I did not make as many blunders as normally. Maybe the meal pumped up my wee brain - what ever -I was appreciative.

By then DH came to awaken and he decided that WE should plant potatoes and we spent the next couple of hours cutting and planting. There were a few spots in the garden where I sank almost out of sight as I stepped on the potato to press it down in the soft earth. This year he had really done a great job tilling it . There were no hard areas -thanks to our neighbor -Mr. Burton , loaning us his tiller that fits on the tractor. Plus, DH used the track of the tire to lay off the rows -making it easier on his back and also very nice and straight. He used to tell me that I could grow more of what ever I had in my rows because they were so crooked and curved around taking up more space than a straight row . LOL

By the time we had almost finished dark was falling on us. He offered to drop the last two buckets while I ran and did evening chores. I locked up the chickens so no hungry raccoon could have a night time snack. I gathered eggs and carried down some wood and stuck in the wood stove.

I needed to carry the 5 teenage chickens back in the warm ,safe building . They had been mad at me the last couple of days because I had put them in a cage to carry them in-so I decided to try a different approach. I still had the large plastic tub in my hands from carrying the wood in -so I went in the run and gently plopped them down in the tub. They immediately sat down and let me carry them back in the building without even moving . All you could see was their little nosy heads  peeking out to see where they were going! LOL

As I headed toward the house I stopped and grabbed my laundry and carried it in with me. My poor feet were SO dirty where the mud in the garden had found a home in my shoes. DH had bought a little used foot bath thingy at the Goodwill so I put water in it and some salt and plugged it up and watched the dirt be set free. It felt so good - I might have to try that much more often - my feet have not been this clean in a a month of Sundays.

It was really a nice day -but what day is not nice when you get to spend some of it SEWING!
Love to all
Hugs, Linda

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  1. really Linda I don't know where you get your energy. Sometimes I get tired just reading your posts. Your days are always full. lol
    Love the baseball T very cute.