Thursday, April 19, 2012

One Of Those Days

and this time that is not about me-but about the tee shirt I worked on for my oldest D-I-L . Her birthday is not until July -but you know how it is when you wait until the last minute. I just take the opportunity when it presents itself. Today I was checking to see if I had anymore light weight jersey and I ran across a scrap of tye dyed jersey. I had already made Tracy one last year from it -first I thought there was just enough for a child's outfit-but when I laid it out I had EXACTLY enough to make an adult size shirt.

I thought it had gone perfectly until I hung it up and checked it. Something was "wonky" with the back neck line -there was a little "pucker" -so I ripped it out and resewed it.

Today was cool  and since it was I took this morning after chores to transplant some of my daylillies. I only moved a 5 gallon bucket -but my back Complained. I found another bunch that needs it too -but haven't tackled that yet. I wanted to do the ones I did -today-because it is suppose to be cloudy and damp for a few days and I believed that would help they flowers not to wilt down. So far they have not even noticed that they have been moved. LOL

Love to all!

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  1. Nice sewing in your last two posts Linda.
    I am not going to complain about our fuel price anymore. Can't beleive you pay $3.72.