Monday, April 2, 2012

A Rough Day

Do you know what the advantage of having a really rough day is???????????????????????????????
It means that you have a new start tomorrow -if you have the privilege of waking up another day to try once again.

This one started at 4:30AM . I had finally saved the money to go get TEETH for the top! I was so sick of being toothless I could hardly stand myself - I guess I have some of that "Vain-gene" and I wanted teeth. It is almost a two hour drive to the place called Affordable Dentures  and they really do help with the money. I had called locally and for a top denture they wanted over a thousand dollars-which I did not have.

But at Affordable Dentures -the middle grade was 405.00 -plus, you do not have to have an appointment -you just show up at 7:30AM and they sort you out as you come through the door as to what you need. I was So blessed that the crowd was not nearly as long as we have seen it before -plus the tail end of the group made it in the building just as a pouring rain came to visit. When DH had come to get his first set -he got caught in a pouring cold rain for 30 minutes.So, I was counting another blessing there.

While we was standing in line - the rain came to test us -a girl standing with us sent her DH to the car for an umbrella . It was a nice -big umbrella and just as she opened it -the rain quit and the Wind Started and it almost blew her over the railing before she knew what happened. Then she & her DH corralled it and put it at their backs and it helped knock the wind off of all of us.

The wait for the first part was only an hour and then I was in a seat for about half an hour . IF any of you have dentures - you know the process. A young lady who worked in the lab came and shoved what seemed to me to be a hot wad of clay in the top of my mouth and startled me. It was so fast and so hot ??? A few minutes later she yanked that part out and poked in another one . Next that one came out and in went another one on the bottom where I still have teeth(bless their little hearts!) It scared me because the way she was forcing it down on my teeth and tongue It seemed like I could not breath. But I fussed at myself to just remain CALM-this too will pass - and it did! YEA!
Then I was booted out and back to the waiting room for another hour and then called back again to test on a set made from wax-she said just to see the shape of the teeth. Well, they were the general run of the mill set that it looks like everybody gets and they were perfect- so as they flopped in my mouth I dug out a picture I had taken with my camera phone the day they pulled my teeth . I had taken a picture of my front teeth -and on each side of the two main larger teeth my next two had barely poked out on each side. I explained to her that I was not a perfect human and that the teeth represented to me that I was different . So she marked them and sent me back to the front while she worked on them.

Once up front I fretted -maybe I should have just kept my big mouth shut??? Maybe I could have adjusted to them??? About half an hour later they call me back once again for another try in. O Yes- she was an artist indeed. I had never thought about the skills that these technicians have  and she was talented. I approved the look and we were booted out once again to return in 3 hours .

We took in some scenery and came back to wait. Here it was -the big moment - the teeth looked perfect-well perfectly different. She even came back to the room and checked the look out herself . I had to laugh when she said - well it did look more natural!

Then another sweet gal did the fitting. It scared me to try to put that big thing in my mouth-but after I got it through my lips which seemed stretched to its limit (maybe my mouth is not as big as I thought it was???) First  I bit my jaw and she worked on that . Then it hurt where the dentist had left a bone sticking out as the tooth kinda broke off when pulled -so she fixed that. One more spot in the back and it was striking my very back bottom tooth. She fixed that and told me to try them for at least 48 hours and then come back  if need be.  She was very kind & I appreciated that.

So, I was on my own -and there was a nearby fabric store and I needed some elastic for the kids outfits I have been working on. I felt kinda  naked - not wanting anybody to see me . So, made my purchase and then we stopped at the nursery and picked up some greens seeds. That was the only place I have found that still sell seeds and you purchase as much as you want by weight.-plus the lady is a real angel -so I enjoy spending our money at her place.

I was learning how to actually get a sip of water going down the old throat and not strangle .DH was impressed that I had kept them in my mouth all day long -because when he got his -as soon as he hit the car those teeth were out. I was determined that it was not going to be a piece of cake & I would just have to "ENDURE".
As soon as me made it home I got a small bowl of soup-because I had read that you should eat only SOFT foods for a few weeks and it would help prevent sores(which DH had Loads of them).

It felt horrible - I would aim for my mouth and hit those teeth. It felt like a baseball in my mouth-so how was any food suppose to fit in there too???????? But, I was good and hungry , so I did not give up. I did remember to be careful and not bit my jaw again! I was deciding that these artifical teeth were a danger and should be RESPECTED!

I went out and did my chores and that helped keep my mind busy. There critters were glad that I finally had showed up. lol

Next I hit the sewing room -knowing that would definitely keep my mind busy.BUT- I got more than I bargained for.I got the design loaded into the embroidery machine - and it jerked the project up and made a big mess. Now I was trying to be nice so I calmly ripped all the stitches out and replaced it in the hoop with  a second piece of stabilizer-yes-that did help -plus I refigured it to have less stitches and that helped too.

But luck was not on my side- it really yanked the whole project almost out of the hoop. That was it - it was a hopeless mess -plus I forgot to mention that the machine had started to make this racket that sounded like a threshing machine! I mean it was so loud that it scared me.

So that project is in the trash and I have written the gentleman I purchased it from and asked for his guidance. I HATED to because he was such a nice person-but I thought I needed to know what he would suggest. If I do not hear from him by Thursday -then we have to meet DH's sister in another town where she is going to have a back check-up and there is a dealer there ??? It would be easy to get discouraged -but this is something that I love to do and I am just stubborn. I still have to take that other machine to a dealer (3 hours drive) so they can fix it and then sell it to hope to pay some on this 700.00 debt?

Money, money, money - I sure do wish that my money tree would bear for me. LOL

Well, gals -no project to show and I now have to go figure out how to get these MeAN teeth out of my mouth without biting my fingers off! Well, that would be All I need - to have to go to the emergency room to explain to them how I bit my own fingers off with a set of MEAN TEETH!!!!!!!!!!!! LOL
love to all!!!!!!!!!!!!


  1. OMG I read through all that... THE WHOLE BLOODY LOT... and expected to see a PHOTO of your beautiful face and new teeth.
    IMAGINE my disappointment when... NO TEETH.
    *sniff*... off to pout.

  2. You are so funny!!! You need to take a picture and let us see how good your teeth look!!! Hope you do ok.