Tuesday, April 24, 2012

I would like to introduce you to a little flower that belonged to my Grandmother -who passes away when I was too little to remember her. We live on what was my Mama's homeplace where she was raised.
My Mom told me that she must have loved me a lot because she would walk a mile every day to come see me.

So, now that I am on her land these little Spring flowers show up every year to remind me of her. They start out as what looks to be a clump of thick grass and they show up where ever they want to-no matter what you think or do not think. Then one day they burst into bloom

But, if you happen to not be out in the yard during the day time and you run out at night - here they are hiding from you - they close up and go to sleep making you notice them less as they look more like the fat grass costume they start out as.

But if you tip toe out on a sunny day -they kinda look like a sprinkling of magic.

I am sorry I did not get to sew today as DH needed my help outdoors. We were out of anything to create heat from -the oil had ran out just from yesterday and the firewood had been gone -so he decided to figure out a way to get some heat.
I suggested we use his little tractor and hook our little wagon to it (not my little wagon -it is not put together yet) The one for the tractor is about four feet wide by six feet long. So, he actually agreed with me-but first he wanted to try busting some Big fat longs with the busting mall. He went out and hooked it to the tractor -but it had Flat tires and believe me - flat tires have Always been one of his main pet peeves! So, that immediately put him in a bad mood as he worked to take them off of the machine and had to reinstall them back to the rim and everything. We were both tired by then so we took a 30 minute break.

Then he tried to get the busting machine to run -but for some reason it would not come to life at all. (Another  Husband fit)
So then he finds a little chainsaw that he can get to run and he hooks the trailer to the tractor and off we go. He tried to get me to run the tractor but when I refused we had to have another "Husband-fit" about how he is sick and tired of hearing me being scared of something , ect, ect,  But post tramatic stress disorder is just not something you can turn off and on if you want it or don't want it- it just is.

Eventually we make it back to the field and find two small trees already down and he just cuts them up while I load them on the trailer and pile the brush. It takes a while -but at least now we can have heat for the night and then it is suppose to warm up again-I hope.

So, we will see what tomorrow brings and maybe I can get to sew some thing then.
Love to one and all!
Hugs, linda

O - PS- IF anybody recognizes this little flower -please let me know. For some reason I keep coming up with the name Star of Bethlehem-but I do not know how it got there or if that is even its name. It does have a gazillion little baby bulbs that it grows from -they make me think of tiny onions.

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  1. Your Granma's tiny flowers look beautiful.
    Sorry Linda don't know what they are called.
    I bet Sue will??