Sunday, April 22, 2012

It was another busy day, but a cooler day. I got all of the normal stuff accomplished and a couple loads of laundry and then hit the sewing room. But I just could not figure out which way I wanted to go. I did not want to cut out another one of the fleece jackets until I hear from Meagan about how the double layers works together after you wash it?

So, I rummaged through the fabric stash and ended up pulling out a blue knit that I can use to make me a tee shirt. I had made one from it 5 years ago and it got "demoted" to house use just lately -so it would be nice to have a new one to wear when we go to town.I did get the pieces cut out and started to search for a design to embroider on it when we had company.

Our youngest son and family came to cheer DH up . The little Emmett is a real live wire-once his little feet hit the floor he was in a run and my yellow plastic bowl became what ever his imagination wanted it to be. It is funny when they take the simplest things & get the most out of them.

He is such a sweet little fellow and minds like a dream. I guess he will turn into a typical human baby one of these days but he is so much fun now. He loves his Mama and Daddy to death-as they do him too. Of course this is Pawpaw who grabbed him for a hug.

I fixed us all cheese biscuits as a snack and I think we all enjoyed them . It has been a lot time since we had them.

I enjoyed this picture because he found that purple ribbon that I had tied on the milk can we use as a little table to set drinks on. I received that ribbon when Lynne and I went on the Shop Hop last year and he plays with it for almost half an hour.

He is one of the hardest little fellows to get pictures of because everytime I would snap the picture there is a second or two lull before it actually captures the picture and by then he was always doing something different and I might get lucky to get one of him. But he finally passed out for a few seconds and I managed to snap this one- Busted by the sand man!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! LOL


  1. Oh Linda, I love all your shots of sweet little Emmett. He's a gorgeous boy and so grown up now. I love the one of him cuddling his Pawpaw, who is wearing his new red pants I see!

  2. I ditto Sue's comments! :) ♥♥♥

  3. Well isn't he just GORGEOUS! Like you, I just love the babies.

  4. thank you for sharing the cute photos of Emmentt. I had my GGD here the other night I counldn't get any good shots. they just move too fast.

  5. oh my he is just adorable.. Dont you love it when they come for a visit..Thanks for sharing your pictures of him They sure did cheer me up