Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Lil Monkey shorts & tee shirt.

It was cool here today - I guess those very warm days just spoiled us. I was up late last night and thus got a late start this  AM.

I went out to do chores and we had a steady light rain falling and it lasted most of the day . DH had a doctor appointment and I had my counseling . I think I got the better end because DH got a Shot and I got Wisdom.

This is a little set that is very lightweight rayon blend jersey. This has to be the VERY worst fabric I have even had the pleasure of working with! For once I have temporarily Fixed my embroidery problem and the design turned out perfect.* I should have known that was too good to be true!

I had plum forgotten that I used this fabric to make a DH a shirt and maybe some of the guys. The thing that makes it so horrific to use is that you can see the different colors blended into the camo-well each one of those colors SEWS differently. The green, blacks and grays I can deal with -But that YELLOW is a one hundred percent ENEMY of mine. You can be sewing along peacefully -hit that yellow and you think your machine has turned into a wild bronco-it jumps and hops and the fabric starts to pull your needle in all directions and sometimes you end up  hog-tied up -and somethings you end up with holes or you end up being tossed about - you can actually watch your needle and be amazed at the commotion !No matter how hard you try you just cannot get that piece to co-operate. So the hem in the little shorts looks like I rolled it up into a knot all the way around. I even tried ironing it out -trying to set those stitches and make them look more even . It was a hopeless venture. I sat and studied it for a while because the design looks great- but then I realized that I could not chance ruining the reputation I hope to build us with a dysfunctional project.(Yes- projects can be dysfunctional too!) LOL

So, I will end up giving it to some of the great grands for play clothes -as I don't think the little ones will even care!  LOL

One thing I noticed while we were out was that the gas prices were actually down a wee bit - but I will take it no matter how wee they are. We got it for 3.72 and when we got to where I was going it was 3.67. LOL

So love to all !

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