Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Hump Day

I did not even have time to capture a picture today. I had got up early and tackled outdoor chores . It had rained and everything had that nice ,fresh clean smell that a rain leaves on the earth.

Then breakfast and I knew we had to leave early today, but I had almost forgot to check to see if that little boys shorts outfit had sold on Ebay - and yes, it had-so I had to learn the process of printing out shipping labels , ect.

Then we went to the Divison Of Motor Vehicles to get DH's drivers license  . He passed his eye exam with flying colors! He was very pleased. We had to stop and look at printers because my printer took this time to die on me!

Time was flying by and it was my counseling time. I had so much to share with her that I was like a kid - all wound up and excited. She was pleased for me and that is such a nice feeling -you know- to have someone in your corner when so many times out in life people get jealous when something good comes your way. I don't think they mean too - it is just one of those challenges in life.

We had a wing-dinger of a thunder storm this afternoon, and all of my raking makes it look like green velvet on the ground.

I did learn how to install that new printer that was 20.00 and I did get that shipping label printed  . Then tomorrow we take that embroidery machine to see the "machine doctor " so I have got to fall in bed. I really need to gather everything up ????

I hope you have had a lovely creative day!
love - linda

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  1. Wow, is selling your sewing on ebay something new? Thats fabulous. Well done