Saturday, April 21, 2012

What a day! Got up early and tackled the chores because they are calling for rain and I did not want to be caught out in it. We had a nice breakfast together and I cleaned up after it.
Then my brain just went nuts because I just could not figure out what project I wanted to tackle next-so instead of "writers block" - I think I had "sewers block".

But I finally decided to cut out another one of those double fleece jackets from the fleece blankets that my youngest son & his wife had given me.

So basically I spent all afternoon cutting out the pieces to this little jacket. It took four of the small fleece blankets and I cut two pieces from the fleece because I intend to sew them all together to make a warmer jacket.

I did drop my daughter-in-law a note asking her if they had washed the "experimental" double jacket I made for Emmett first. She said no and when she did she would let me know how the two different layers -played together. I am hoping they would co-operate -but I have never tried this before and I am nervous about it.

I also asked her the size of the young man they got the blankets from - I would love to surprise him with a jacket of his very own. He has been so very kind to me.

DH had his 65th birthday today . I did make him that chocolate cake and gave him a new pair of lounge pants made from flannel . They are nice and soft and I really got lucky because they had fire trucks all over them and he has always loved fire trucks plus they are red and that is one of his favorite colors. I stuck money down in the pocket and it did not take him long to find that. I think he is part blood hound when it comes to money! LOL

Even with a pocket full of money he did not want to go out. I was surprised -yet pleased as it gave me a chance to "piddle". You just never know what you will bump into when you are working on something else. I managed to lose the battery to my flashlight and I am miffed at myself for that. I really need that flashlight!

Then I misplaced the charging cord for my little electric scissors that a e-friend had given me! I would never have thought I would use something like that - BUT- how wonderful they are. Since I was working with fleece I have had it give my good scissors misery and even ruined one pair! The people at the fabric store had told me that I should keep one pair of scissors JUST to use on fleece. (But, it was a little too late because I had already ruined my best pair.) Then here comes these electric scissors so I decided to see how they would do? They went right though it like a hot knife though butter. Of course it was hard work for them -so they pooped out on me.I went to go charge them and that was when I discovered I had misplaced the cord. I was SO miffed at myself . Our house is a small one and there is only so much room to lose stuff in and I got very lucky finding them in the living room -plugged up to the one empty plug - in ! It did not take long to recharge them and this time I had plugged that cord in my one empty spot in the sewing room  DUMMY ME!

Then we had a wild thunder storm ! It thundered so hard that it rattled the house under my feet. When that let up I went out and did all the evening chores-gathered the eggs -checked the baby chicks and had to give them more food and water- checked the other little chicken house and discovered the guinea in there giving the chickens grief so I had to run her out . She loves to be evil and chase the chickens -sometimes grabbing them by a wing and flinging them. The bantams are learning to RUN -really fast when they see her coming.

So now here it is , another day almost gone. The boys did call their Dad tonight and wish him a happy birthday -that meant a lot to him-and his sister did too-so he was a happy camper.

I better go gather up my fleece pieces because Miss Rosie wants to customize them with her white hairs and I would prefer that she NOT! LOL
So, love to all  and we will see what tomorrow brings!


  1. Happy birthday to your DH, Its lovely that you could make him a gift with your own fair in every stitch for sure.

  2. I hear the Eastern coast is suppose to get some rough weather starting today thru Tuesday. I hope you are spared. We want winter over with! That would be a little scary to have the floor of your home shake. I have a concrete floor~ :)

    Glad your hubby had a good birthday! We always love it when the kids call to say HB too! Wouldn't be the same if they didn't! And a pocket full of money doesn't hurt~! ♥♥♥