Sunday, April 15, 2012

I Didn't Do It-Green Kids Shorts Set

I got my embroidery machine back and I think my sanity is coming back also. We all have ways of dealing with stress and pain -and it seems like mine is creating wearable art forms. 

Of course the bad thing today was that I  was having a fight with "fibro-fog"- I HATE it. It meant I could not remember how do my project and I did EVERYTHING wrong to start with - had to rip it all out and do it a second time. It was very disheartening-but it was just something that I work constantly to overcome.

The weather today was Beautiful - lots of sunshine and very warm temperatures. I even had to turn the air conditioner on in my sewing room window,as this room has full evening sun and it got really warm. Our oldest son stopped by with a friend to change some tires and visit with DH. I know he really enjoyed their company as he has not felt so great today. He said he was weak  and his stomach hurt. The doctor had told him that he has diverticulitis and game him some antibiotics which is suppose to help -but it has hurt every since he started taking it last week. It makes me very sad to see him hurting and not be able to fix it for him. 

I thought I was making good progress so I cut out a lightweight tee shirt for my sister-in-law and found the perfect design for it. It was sewing out nicely and I was happy until I ran out of bobbin thread. Little did I realize that was not my only problem. When I turned it over to snip threads I had left a part of the shirt hooked on the back of the design -so I had sewed the front to the back of the design. GRRRRRR! Anybody with a spare brain out there I could sure use it. LOL

I am still trying to make friends with these False teeth-I wonder if everybody has these challenges when they get them? Of course I believe I am doing better than DH did with  his. I gave it a week to hopefully let my gums get toughened up and then I started gently scraping on the spot that hurts. It helped that was one of the days when we took the Brother machine to N.C. , so it helped to keep my mind busy. There was one spot that was higher on the right side than in the left side -so I gently scraped a little at a time till they looked even and fit better. I am learning how to eat with them -but it is kinda like eating with rocks in your mouth. Where I had asked the lab tech to slightly push the two teeth on each side of your two larger front teeth -she did an excellent job with that . I told her that I was not a perfect person and I did not want perfect teeth-I always enjoyed my slight imperfection as it made me ME. So, that helps me enjoy them more and attempt to incorporate them into being part of me. 
I do enjoy this "grandmaw age" much better than all of those younger ages -but I am finding that you have to get up and "put on your false parts" -it is definitely a learning age.  False teeth -false eyes - what else will be next?????? LOL


  1. Hmmm I also have just finished ripping my table runner as I had caught the back and stitched it double....
    Hope you get used your teeth soon. I beleive they can be awful in the beginning.

  2. Well aren't we a fine pair?! LOL!! I am feeling you in that Fibro Fog!! Oh my goodness, you and I might have half a brain if they put both of ours together! Ha!! I'm so glad you found my blog!! I've joined up as one of your followers so we can continue to share our love of sewing and struggles with the challenges of the "best years of our lives". May I suggest 2 blogs that you will just love. Sew We Quilt with Madame Samm and a quest blogger each day on some area of quilting or stitching projects. I've met SOOOO many nice folks who share my interests as well as encourage me when I'm having a less than awesome day. Right now, we're enjoying a TableTopper blog hop and I'm the Guest Poster on Friday!! Please stop by and support me.
    Then, my good friend, Marlene at Stitchin by The Lake, has a gift with words as well as quilting. I love her posts and think you will too. Marlene lives in Arkansas and we have become good friends via our blogs. I never dreamed I would be blogging much less actually becoming friends with people I've never met. I retired from teaching after 30 yrs. in Dec. 2008. I have enjoyed retirement immensely and it is wonderful to be able to rest whenever I need to. I've gotta run for now. I'm keeping one of my grandsons this week while his parents go to Arizona on business/retreat. James is 4 and also has Cerebral Palsy so it makes it a little more difficult but not much. He walks with a walker but still needs to be carried up and down stairs.
    I've enjoyed our visit. Come visit me often. #1 Husband and I live a quiet life here on the farm with our extended family of 12.
    Gmama Jane