Wednesday, April 11, 2012

How many mistakes can I make????

DH had a early doctors appointment , so we were up and out before the Brother dealer could even email me again. We got out of the doctor's by 11.00am and hit the road for our long drive to pick up the Brother embroidery machine?

I was so tired-my fibromyalgia Hates long rides and let's me know that.We used Mr. Tom/Tom for our directions and at 1:30 we pulled into the parking lot. I was dieing to know what he had found and how he had managed to fix it so quickly?

My hand hit the door knob and ? ?it did not open.I tugged a little harder and then started looking for a gone to lunch sign-ONLY-to discover that they had closed at 1pm. My heart was just broke-My poor old body was screaming in pain and my disappointment was humongous! I had been dieing to discover what he had found to be wrong with it? But I was doomed not to fulfill my hopes.

I could not believe that we had traveled 3 hours -not counting the money for the gas to drive there ?

To top the story - we drag in at home -bone tired -so I hit the answering machine for messages: and there was a message from the Janome dealer and the Janome is ready now also.

I have emailed the Brother dealer and asked him IF he would consider mailing that sucker back home to me?
I would like to go pick up the Janome machine tomorrow and then I would have to make the trip back to Roanoke at dark because we have the Sewing Guild meeting there too?

How in the world did life get so complicated?
Hope your life is not so complicated?
Love to you

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  1. Oh dear, what a drag that you went all that way for nothing. I hope you get all your machines home safely VERY soon.