Tuesday, April 3, 2012

It went so fast It's hard to remember where it went

No wonder I do not remember where it went to - it just flew by. DH was sleeping in as he had been up until 3AM with his back pain and shoulder pain .Cancer is such a horrible disease & it carries with it such terrible suffering.

Since he was sleeping I decided to work outdoors and I am so glad that I did. He slept in until 1:30 and I got a Lot accomplished-like all of the critter morning chores and I pulled nice fresh grass for the guinea pigs , which they really appreciated-their first green grass of the year.

Then I moved onto planting two little trays of tomato plants that we had picked up yesterday-one of them being Patio Tomatoes and one of them being Brandywine-yellow. It was a struggle to lug two of my big flower pots back up onto the porch from where I had stashed them under the porch all Winter long.I am so proud of them that I try to take care of them . I had got them about 4 years ago from The Pottery - after wanting some all of my life - I am now the proud owner of 4.

Then I needed planting material. I could now check out my little compost pile from last year. It was covered in some kind of a green runny weed. But, as I scraped that to the side -the compost under neath was so beautiful. I made several trips back and forth. Then I had to fight with the "carpenter bees" which arrive every year and attempt to claim my little front porch. They buzz and threaten and if that does not work they will even run into you  - or get right in your eyesight -right in your face - and that always scares me to death.
The battle raged on for a couple of hours . I could not even knock them down to the floor with my water hose -like I usually do. I guess they have just got smarter -where as I have just got OLDER! LOL

Then I raked up several more piles of trash and put it in the big wood stove. I was slowly making progress.By the time I made it into the house - I was dripping wet with sweat and I was so tired that my body was pulsing .So , I was very glad to see breakfast at 2pm-lol.

You know how it is - then there are dishes and then one of our  grandsons & youngest son popped in for a half an hour visit. I asked Emmett about that fleece double layer jacket I had sent to him?  He said it was nice and warm and just  the right size. I was so tickled -I had satisfied my curiosity - now you know for sure that you can take two layers of the thin fleece and put them together like a sandwich and then cut out your pieces .

I ran across another cute quote today:
The difference between truth and a fairytales e is what you see in the photograph of a seed catalog and what actually comes up in your garden.        Deb from South Dakota


  1. So nice to have enjoyed a lovely day outside while DH got some good rest..

  2. I am so glad you had a good day, and DH had a good rest.
    *sigh* no teeth ... sigh, sigh...

  3. Linda..You'll have to post a picture of your lovely pots you plant your tomatoes in! I'd love to see them!

    With your Fibro...you sure work hard! I'd have given out long before 2pm. Hope Hubby woke up feeling rested! I know I can't seem to sleep tonight! Argh~ ♥♥♥

  4. Boy that is the truth! The days just fly by!!! Sounds like you accomplished a lot!! Hope hubby feels better soon!