Sunday, April 29, 2012

This is my super-dooper new wagon that DH and I put together yesterday. I almost forgot I had it ready and standing by for this morning. I can tell that I have a lot to learn about wagons, as I never had one as a child. I have already learned if you have a full load on it that it does not appreciate slight Hills-as she wants to turn over on you. I guess the wheels need to be further apart to be more stable. That was my first lesson this morning when I loaded her up to make my rounds  I did not turn her over -but I sure did severely "TIP" her .I can tell this will take some caution because we live on hills. I also took a bungee cord and stretched it across to help hold things in place-so my water jugs would quit scooting around and tipping my water.

I even learned " That I Had Forgotten What Day It WAS - I thought it was Monday  I guess I was trying to be Faster than the days for a change-but DH corrected me REAL QUICK!

I got quiet a bit accomplished today -the usual chores -house-dishes - laundry and even Sewing! YEA!

 Yep- I got me a new pair of slacks which I need so bad. I am still "puttering" with my "master - pattern" for my slacks and trying to remember that all different fabrics have different qualities when working with slacks. I have also noticed that I am having trouble when it comes to sewing over Multiple seams at one time . I even used a hump-jumper but it still wants to do the "hootchie-cootchie" and squiggle all over that spot.

Then DH fixed a plow from a riding mower -did some "remodeling" and put it on his medium size John Deer Tractor and he went and used that to cover the potatoes that we dropped last night. That way was so much easier on his back-since the cancer is also in his back , so I am glad to see him use Caution.

While he was doing that job I drug the wagon UP the hill . It took All of my strength -so I fudged and only went half-way up the hill and started gathering tree limbs and putting them in the wagon to take back to the wood stove for a fire tonight. It is calling for rain -so sometimes that makes the house seem chilly - a little heat to take the chill off is a good thing for me.

SO, I discovered :
1. It is Very hard to pull a wagon UP a hill
2. Once you get your wagon loaded - it wants to RUN OVER you coming back down the hill! When I got it back down the hill to the house DH was working on his tractor so I asked him If there was a way to put brakes on it. He said not that he knew.

SO-I told him I knew how -that got his attention - he would Never want to be out-done by his little wife-so I really got his Full attention. I told him I would pull it up the hill and load it and then call him to hook it to his tractor and bring it down the hill for me. LOL-He did say ,"That Would Work" -and that sounded good to me. It really does have a regular handle -but it also has a piece that you can use to hook it to a mower or tractor. I am really sore already - life lessons can be really hard work at times.

I better hop up as dark is falling and I still have to bring the "teenage-chooks" in for the night and check on the other baby chicks in the henhouse and close up the critter building for the night -O-shoot and bring in the laundry! LOL
So many happy stitches to you and a wish for a wonderful new week to enjoy.
love- linda


  1. It is Monday here.....
    Great wagon Linda now you have to learn to control it. Hooking it on the tractor sounds good...

  2. Like I said you are full f energy. Nice wagon. Glad you are learning to control it. :)
    Sthose blue slacks are nice too great job.
    I can picture you doing the hootchie cootchie along with the machine hahahahaha

  3. I love your little wagon, even though you are having teething problems with it!