Friday, April 6, 2012

Almost the end of the week

It is suppose to be very cold tonight and they have put put a freeze warning -so I told my baby tomatoes to "hide under the porch swing". I had to post pictures of my flower -pots that I love so much for another blog-friend , Cathy from . I caught them on special at The Pottery and I am so honored to have them. It seems each year that I am planting more and more garden plants on the front porch. Do you think that means I like FOODS??? LOL

HUM? Wonder if I should go out and cover them with a blanket?  I have friends who do -they say to help keep them warm-but I cannot figure out how a thin blanket could keep them warmer - I just freeze anyway.

Today was another busy day -critter chores all day and then trip to town  and to the mill. The sunshine was perfectly lovely - the wind was chilly.

I came home and steam cleaned the hardwood floor and that makes me feel better. I wish it could just stay clean- yea- I hear you all laughing- that kinda like wishing for the moon. LOL

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  1. Thank you for the pictures Linda! You are right...those are very nice large special pots! I really should get some kind of pots to plants some tomatoes, etc in this summer. I tried the ground last year and we had a strong wind, and it twisted the even though the plants grew they never producted any fruit! I was very disappointed, since I do not have a history of even trying to grow anything!

    Can't wait t see how yours grows this year! I'd also love to see your potato hills sometime. I know you said you got potatoes out of your hills even really late in the winter! That is so cool~~ ♥♥♥