Thursday, April 5, 2012

Another fly away day

I think I hit the floor running this morning-through all the morning chores ,ate a bowl of oatmeal  and then in the car and off for an hour drive to meet DH's sister at her doctor visit.

But, I was smart and had put the Janome embroidery machine and its componetes in the car-so I would not forget anything in a rush.

Our first stop was at the Janome dealer in Roanoke Va. I have done business with them for the last few years and I know they are honest -knowledgeable people.

The mother greeted us and took in the machine - she was writing down all of what we had brought with us . She stopped and checked the bobbin & I saw that something had caught her attention. She gently pulled on the bobbin thread and commented that it was very tight. I told her that I had noticed that the bottom threads had been pulling on the designs-kinda crunching them up.

So she took the appropiate bobbin and showed me the difference. It would Never have occurred to me to doubt the bobbin ,since it had come from a sewing machine repair shop?

I told her that I had also brought the flash-stick that I used with it and told her which design that I was using that gave me all of that trouble and also a piece of knit fabric to test with. I had learned from all of those Brother dealers that they only used cotton broadcloths to test on.

I am excited because IF it can be fixed -they can fix it.

I have also learned some lessons about selling that first set of boys shorts and tee shirt on Ebay. It sold for 5.99 and I had free shipping which turned out to be 2.49 -- --- then there was the listing fee from Ebay and a final fee on the sale price?????? Plus, if this was to turn into a business there would be personal taxes coming out too. LOL
Do you think I am going to get Rich fast? LOL


  1. You NEVER get rich from selling home made products! I have found that over the years, so my feeling is, if it covers your costs and gives you a tiny profit, be happy!

  2. It sounds like good news for you and for the machine! I hope it works out to be a very simple problem!'ll earn good money once you get the details figured out! You Go Girl!!! ♥♥♥

  3. You might try Etsy. I think you can make more money on there.