Monday, April 16, 2012

Little Train That Could

It was another perfect day -I made this little size 4 child's shorts set . I got awakened by DH  who had a phone call at 6:30AM and had to take off. So, I was able to start on morning stuff earlier.I did some inside chores finished and then I went outdoors and did all of my critter chores. I was so pleased to accomplish all of this and then I hit the house and ran a load of laundry and was vacuuming when DH pulled up into the driveway. Our youngest son and his wife had sent up a box of donuts & they were really yummy, even if they are bad for you.I cleaned the dishes up and headed to the sewing room.

OF course I made more than my share of Bo-Bos-but I managed to come up with this little outfit-size 4.

I thought to myself that the little train outfit could be either boy or girl -because I have always loved trains. I even got to ride one when I was 17. I was married and DH's family asked me if I would accompany DH's little nephew on a train all the way to Richmond and they even bought my ticket. I think we had a great time -But- there is one memory that I have never got over. We were 3/4s of the way to our destination when all of a sudden the view before my eyes has stayed with me for a life-time. We were crossing by a beautiful dairy barn and some how the cows had got out and on to the track. There were dead cows scattered all over the place along side of the train track. They were already stiff and some had heads and some did not They were swollen and parts of them lay everywhere I could look. That has really stuck with me.

I am trying out a different type of stabilize with this shirt. It looks just like a clear piece of plastic and it is suppose to make your stitches do better. I used it with this little Train design and I think it did good. It was just a pain to get it off around the design.

As luck would have it about 30 minutes into the project Mr. Janome started to make that horrible sounds once again/ I just could not believe it.

I hope that you had a lovely day ! Many happy stitches to you!


  1. Your little train outfit looks great.
    I like trains too and always think of the verse
    "I think I can, I think I can" when my friend and I walk up the steep hills. LOL

  2. I LOVE this little short set!!! I hate that you have that terrible memory but this little short set should make you smile!!!