Saturday, April 7, 2012

End of the Week

comes to all of us. Tomorrow is a very special day for so many people-some for the religious significances  and and for some small ones - the Easter bunny comes to visit scattering eggs all over the yard. But in all parts of it I think Love rules it all, as was our Father's love for all of us-it is a gift and we pass it on.

In my mind this is one reason so many of us sew-we are sewing stitches of love into everything we create.

Today was one of those "off" days for me. I am lost without my embroidery machine and instead of "writers-block  I had "sewers-block" -and it just was no fun at all for me. Plus , I was just wore plum out from all the activities of the week.

I even went in the sewing room and started going through my stash -hoping for inspiration to hit me-but instead I got even more blocked. My stash is shrinking and I am ending up with bits and pieces that I hang onto -but do not think I will find a use for?

I might end up donating them to the Goodwill. I read the other day that the items we donate do not all end up at the Goodwill -part of them are shredded and turned into insulation and part are turned into those car rags and then a small part in the retail stores.

Just when I had found something to work on and was in a better mood- all of a sudden our electricity went off! In the blink of an eye -it was gone!  I was shocked and then miffed!
It is amazing how much we need our electricity for !

So I took myself outdoors to the porch where there was four little rosebushes still wrapped in those tough plastic wrappings they arrive at the stores in. DH had got them for me -even though he Hates rose bushes-it's the briers because he have nabbed him before at his Mom's house. But, I was shocked ! We had cut the plastic wrapping and put them in a pail of water as they were so dry.

I picked one and started walking around the yard -trying to figure out where I could plant my treasure ,somewhere that I could see its beauty -yet out of reach of a husband who would want no contact with it?

Finally I found the perfect spot in the corner of our garden where there is another rose planted. One that makes me mad at it because it turned out to only bloom in the Springtime and only for about a week. I decided I would put this new one there to make it look like the other one was still blooming ? We will see how that works out.

So, back to pick up a second one -I picked the one that said it had the most fragrance ? I am on a "Smell-craze" with my flowers and I can blame it on one of my Asiatic lilies -that smells like heaven when it blooms. It is the first flower I have met that sends the aroma wafting through the air and just mesmerizing me.

I picked it up and the madic once again and headed out to the bed that I walk past each day -hoping that I can have the chance to enjoy this beauty. I was working on digging a hole deep enough when all of a sudden - my madic snapped right in to! Well DARN it!  So I got on my knees and eased her into the soft ground and patted it like I would a small child. She was now in her new permanent home.

I left my broken tool laying on the ground & headed to the house for a break. We used to just buy new handles , but now it is hard to find somewhere that carries them.. I got a glass of water and settled in a chair with a book -and - yep - after two hours the electricity came back on-you would know it -I had planned to enjoy this book for the past two years -and now -well, you know how it is. LOL

I hope that all have a wonderful Easter day!
Love to all!

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  1. Oh Dear...I know electricity is so important! I almost go into shock when ours goes out for any length of time. I can't even make coffee or open the refrigerator door! In our old house, we didn't have water so couldn't use the potty without electricity because the water had to be pumped up from the cistern! I'm glad that isn't the case now.

    Yes...drats about the garden tool!~ Just when you were on a roll~ I sure hope those roses bloom all summer for you...but you might have to wait a season or too for their root system to get established, so don't give up!~

    With your fabric scraps, can you make some type of scrappy type fabric where you sew all the pieces into squares and make a larger new piece of fabric and then cut that out into shirts or shorts. Maybe do something creative with using different fabrics for sleeves, and back and front pieces. It might be cute for a kids clothing~ ♥♥♥ Happy Resurrection Day!~