Saturday, March 31, 2012

Short & sweet

Just had to let you know I was alive & kicking.  I have spent all day (almost) in the sewing room rooting through my stash looking for suitable pieces to work with.

Then all afternoon I have been online searching for the right designs & I think I have found a few-so tomorrow I hope to have a new project to show for my efforts.

It has been a lovely, lovely day -perfect weather. DH spent his afternoon outdoors working on a car . While he was "rooting around in his stash" (which is old used car parts-not nearly as exciting as OUR stashes-  he happened to spot some baby cherry trees sprouted . Normally the sheep would graze on them -but he spotted them first so he told me and I took the bucket and madic  & we dug them up. I carried them back to the house & went on the front porch & dug out my bigger flower pots & I carefully planted them there -hoping I can Guard them for a while!

And it is after midnight and I have laundry calling to me from the dryer - plus, I had to make up my concoction
that I make up for my laundry detergent , as I was out & that was holding me up from the laundry. Now I will be good to go for about two months and not have to worry about detergent.

I also made DH brownies for a treat tonight . So, I have been busy-but  hopefully I will have something to show for it tomorrow. Another quote I liked :

My mom used to say, "If everyone put their troubles in the same bag, you'd be happy to grab your own back out".
and I have found that to be so true!
Good night all


  1. Sew nice to have a day when all goes well.
    Hope the wee cherry trees grow for you..

  2. That was a wise move to save those little cherry trees!

    Does your laundry powder work well? ♥♥♥

  3. What a nice day! I love that saying from your Mum!